Ayurveda and Wellness
  1. Ayurvedic Wellness
    This session integrates; a medical intuitive body scan, Ayurvedic Wellness Practices, Inflammation Management and Nutrition, Holistic Healing, and Contemplative and Meditation practices, to create an individualized plan for you to become your best self. Your first session is an intake of your current concerns and goals and together we will build a strategy to start improving your well-being. I will help you identify what is impacting your overall emotional, spiritual, and physical health and support you to manage or even eliminate your symptoms through spiritual practice. ​​ First Ayurvedic Assessment is FREE Sessions are available in 30 or 60 minute increments ​​Your first one hour consultation includes a free copy of the Enlightenment Pie Food Journal that will work as your guide through the practices. Inflammation and Detoxification Support Detoxification can be challenging. If you are not in the midst of a health crisis it is hard to resist temptation and if you are in crisis some of the effects can trigger fear and anxiety. The purpose of this support session is to have someone to connect to in your time of fear and to be able to walk you through what you are experiencing both emotionally and physically. Sessions are available for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes.
  2. Additional Health Support
    Health Crisis Support~ When you are in a health crisis you are likely facing difficult news, no news, or a feeling of lack of support. A health crisis session allows you the chance to talk about what you are going through and to receive support to aid you through this difficult time. It is challenging to face death and move beyond it...but it is possible! Healthy Cooking and Mindful Eating~ With my degree in culinary arts and a certification in Nutrition; I love to cook! Couple that with over 10 years experience cooking for candida and paleo as well as multiple food allergies - I have learned a thing or two! This is a fun session where I can teach you how to cook for yourself and your dietary restrictions, have fun and also be mindful while doing it! Integrated Health Resources~ I have an excellent team of Dr's and Integrative and Holistic Healers. I am happy to take time to discuss your needs and give referrals. Metaphysical Reasons for Illness~ When you are ill it is fascinating to begin to connect the dots between what is happening with you physically and what this really means in Esoteric terms. The inner work can help to reveal and heal the physical symptoms. This is through self-reflection and affirmations. Food Addiction and Co-Dependency~ This is a difficult topic that many of us suffer from. If you are experiencing difficult in making changes in your diet it is likely the addiction to food or the feelings it gives you comes from deeply rooted beliefs. In this session we begin to work through this.
  3. Contemplative Psychotherapy
    Why? Whether you are in need of healing after a family trauma, manage through a loss, creatively approach a transition in career or relationship, or break unhealthy patterns of behavior; contemplative psychotherapy can offer support and solutions. Lisa’s psychotherapy practice specializes in assisting the client with managing through, or breaking free from, toxic situations that can arise in your life. This includes toxic work environments, family issues, unhealthy relationships and addiction. What? Lisa applies methodologies and tools that support an increase in self-awareness and encourage you to discover and walk your own path to healing. Self-Inquiry practice is the action of turning within to attain Self-Knowledge and in turn generate self-development. Lisa teaches you to combine both self-inquiry practice and mindfulness meditation, so you can discover your true nature and gain clarity on your next steps. Lisa utilizes tools that will help you gain insight into, and begin to bring balance to, your current issue - whether it be emotional maturity, need to caretake, addiction or enabling to build healthier relationships or to gain balance in your life. A session is one hour